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We Bring Ideas to Life


We are a strong passionate Engineering team specializing in bringing new ideas to life. We believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with us, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency. Want to learn more? Contact us today for an initial consultation.



Engineering Made Simple

Image by Ines Álvarez Fdez

Product Prototyping

Do you have a project or idea that you would like to bring to life? Since founding our business, we have provided our clients with a wide range of engineering services such as product prototyping. To find out more, get in touch.


Design for 3D printing

3D printing is here to stay. Ideas can be tested fast. Iterations are flawlessly integrated in the development process. In many cases, 3D printed parts are fully functional and can be used as final products.

Project Management

Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results.

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Mechanical & Electronics Design

Our clients are our number one priority, and our services prove just how committed we are to their success. Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how we can put your ideas into action.


Our Work

Our goal is to help businesses and individuals bring their ideas to life. We’ve taken on a variety of small and large-scale projects, always exceeding our clients’ expectations. In most cases, our projects are confidential. Enjoy a sample of projects conducted below.

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Contact Us

Weinbergstrasse 85, 8006 Zurich

+41 76 752 46 77

UID CHE-341.143.992

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